Minimalist Manicures Make A Statement

Posted on 01 November 2015

Minimalist Manicures That Make A Statement
This fall, nail art is all about simplicity and playing with negative space. Opt for a palette of earth tones for a manicure that will compliment anything you wear. This is the key to always looking polished and put together. For a minimalist take on the nail art trend, less is more. Check out these beautiful and creative manicures!
Gold Glitter Stripe Nails
1. With the holiday's quickly approaching, try a single swipe of gold glitter polish down the center of your nail. Easy, chic, and creative!
OPI Nude Scale Manicure Nails
2. NudeScale! 
Silver And Clear Star Glitter Nail Art Manicure
3. Silver and Clear Minimal Star Manicure.
Nude And Grayscale Manicure Nails
4. EarthTones Baby...
Watercolor Nail Art Manicure
5. Magical Water Color Nails
Natural Nude Gel Manicured Nails With Ring
6.Holiday Glitter Mani!
Marble Nail Art Manicure
7. Marble Touches
Minimal Manicure Nail Art
8. Flesh Tone Nudes.
Black And White Marble Nail Art
9. Full Marble Nail Art!
White and Clear Nail Art Manicure
10. White Circle Gel Tips. Love!

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