Finishing Touch: The Coolest Jewelry

Posted on 01 November 2015

Finishing Touch: The Coolest Jewelry
What to buy now: Delicate Jewelry That Any Girl Can Pull Off!
It's time to start taking your jewelry a little more seriously. Check out some cool minimal jewelry stacking inspiration to finish off your chic outfit. Mixing inexpensive pieces with your real gemstone pieces is an easy way to amp up the glam.
Septum Ring and Pearl Earring
- It's all about balance; Clean makeup with a dainty septum ring and a bold peal ear cuff.
Layered rings
- When it comes to rings, sometimes the bigger the stack, the better!
Layered gold necklaces and rings
-Try mixing all different styles all within the same metal family. 
Black and white septum ring editorial
Faux lip and septum rings are trending on the runways. Perfect time to walk on the wild side!
Minimal ear bar earring
How cool are these gold abstract ear bars?! Too Cool.
Staked Rings
Vary thickness and texture when choosing your ring stacks.
Ear Cuff
Sometimes, one phenomenal facial piece is just enough! Drool....

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